After Renovation

Post-Construction Cleaning

After construction work has been performed, it can be difficult and dangerous to try to clean the debris and what’s left on site. There are also potential health issues with the massive accumulation of dust and hazards left on the work site. It is recommended to seek for proper support from a professional team builds for this type of work setting.

What do we do?

We all clean your entire work site upside down and leave it in a brand-new condition as nothing ever happened there. Our professionals create a safe workspace and use safety measures to protect your environment and belongings. We clean all part of your premise whether it’s a commercial or residential project. We bring our industrial trash bags to carry out all the debris outside. We make sure above all to not damage your finishes.

Some of the elements covered in Post-Construction Cleaning:

  • Kitchen cabinets of fronts and inside cleaned, countertops and shelves dusted and wiped, interior window cleaned, all appliance exteriors cleaned, marks on walls and baseboard washed off
  • Bathroom entire space fully sanitized: sink, bathtub, shower doors, toilet and etc. Mirrors cleaned, cabinet cleaned inside-out, doorknobs, doorframes dusted and wiped
  • Other Areas all surfaces dusted and vacuumed (carpet and rugs included), hard surface floors damp-mopped, light bulbs and switches wiped and dusted, garbage and recycling bins emptied
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