Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Looking it yourself at the mirror or looking outside has never been more satisfying or clear with our window cleaning program. We use cutting edge cleaning technologies to offer you the best service possible and the safest environment. We make sure that the frames, edges, tracks, ledges and all part around your windows are sparkling clean as well. We cover most of the commercial premises such as: retail stores, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, and also residential premises such as: condominium complexes, houses and townhouses.

Window Cleaning Process

This cleaning program offer a full range of solutions and products for your interior or exterior window cleaning. Our professionals are well trained and follow Canada Health and Safety Compliance standards. After an evaluation and consultation for your window has been completed, your cleaner will proceed with the services required. Your satisfaction is our priority so a quick after-service follow-up is done to ensure we are not missing anything or you don’t need additional services.

Some additional features available with your window cleaning:

  • Pressure washing high pressure industrial grade machines are used to be capable to clean up all surfaces and stains and objects such as gum hard to reach or remove.
  • Gutter Cleaning the process ensures that your gutters stay debris free and keep them in an excellent condition, extending their life span in general.
  • Pure Water Cleaning System advanced and more safe technology using to clean your exterior glass window without endangering the professional cleaner. In fact, 80% of the work can be performed from the ground. This method has an adjustable pressure power when cleaning window and it’s using non-iodized water ensuring streak-free and spot-free finish every time.
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